Project Details

Client: Arup Leadership
Dates: January - December 2013
Location: All over Australia

Choosing a new office is more than an exercise in accommodation. Nowadays, offices need to facilitate the corporate culture we aspire to, represent our brand pillars externally and, of course, be functional. Working closely with Steve Coster of Hassell, I led a comprehensive process to diagnose the needs, establish the core principles of Arup's future workplace, and identify viable options for all offices around Australia. I performed this role as the leader of an internal project, reporting directly to Peter Bailey, CEO and Chair of Arup Australasia.

The process that was developed for this project was incredibly democratic and inclusive: it allowed for all parts of the business to offer views and many fora for these to be heard by the firm's leadership. It was also a high stake project, representing one of Arup's largest investments in the next 5 years. It required effective communication and influencing with the Regional Board and leaders.

The unique feature of this project was the opportunity to conceive of Arup's presence in all of its offices, from Sydney, Melbourne, to Singapore and Brisbane. A mix of leadership development, culture diagnosis and design, Arup's Regional Workplace Strategy is the blueprint for the future of this innovative firm.