Project Details

Client: ARC Linkage Grant, hosted by QUT
Dates: 2011-2012
Location: Shanghai, Sydney, Brisbane
Whilst working at: Arup

Arup regularly takes part in university led research through the vehicle of ARC Grants. As a core research partner, it invests cash and in-kind contributions towards a variety of research areas that place Arup in a more competitive position in the marketplace. At a time when the buzzword 'creative was being thrown around relentlessly, Arup invested in participating in this QUT (then Monash) led grant that looked at the development of planned and organic creative clusters, in Australia and in China.

The purpose of the research was to ascertain what the broader implications of a spatial and cultural policy can be on real estate and the development of a competitive advantage. This grant took us to Shanghai to experience the planned creative clusters and understand the connection between their presence, their audience and their impact on the broader landscape of urban renewal.

This resulted in the publication of a progress report, written and published by me while at Arup. Have a look at the report here.

More images of Red Town and 1933.