Project Details

Client: Darling Harbour Live Consortium
Dates: July - November 2014
Location: Sydney, Australia
Whilst working at: Lend Lease

Darling Square is Sydney's newest city neighbourhood. Located just south of the rejuvenated Darling Harbour precinct, and in the heart of Haymarket, this is an urban regeneration opportunity like no other in Sydney. Creating a city block from scratch, complete with the variety, diversity and contradictions that characterise cities that have developed over time, Darling Square is the ultimate placemaking challenge.

Working with the development team within the Darling Harbour Live project team, I led a process of scoping, creative development and socialisation of Darling Square's key place pillars. These pillars then informed every aspect of place creation, from the architectural details of a facade, to the size and mix of the retail offer.

This project resulted in the creation of a Darling Square Place Book, a strategic document that sets out the objectives of the place, and describes the desired experience at completion and into the future.