Project Details

Client: Remarkables Park
Dates: September - December 2012
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Whilst working at: Arup

Building on Queenstown’s appeal as a year round tourism destination, Remarkables Park have been planning for the development of a new mixed use development on the edge of town, just minutes from the airport. The cornerstone of this development is a performing arts hub, planned as the cultural anchor for the precinct and Queenstown.

Designed to become the home of an expanded arts and culture program for the town, the concept for the performing arts hub overlaid performance space with teaching and learning facilities, and public spaces. Inspired by Banff and other international benchmarks, the proposition was to lift the reach and quality of Queenstown’s cultural production.

Working with the owners of this extensive greenfield site, I ran a series of team workshops to uncover the vision for this facility, its components, its technical and programmatic functions to feed into a bid process for government funding. I also co-authored and developed the graphic language for the proposal for funding which was coordinated with consultants from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.