My practice is based on the approaches I have developed to support my clients. Whereas it is true that to a hammer, everything is a nail, I believe that not every piece of work is a strategy piece. Sometimes the context calls for facilitation of a high value conversation instead of another report. I am committed to shaping my involvement in the way that adds to most value to my clients and collaborators.

We can work together in one or more of these six ways.


When I consult with you, I am working with your team to set a strategy in motion. The outcome of our work together will be a new piece of intellectual property designed to be implemented. The output may be a well-communicated report, a website, an app or even a short film. Whatever is the best medium to communicate the ideas we develop together.


Often times, we don't take the time to have conversations properly, to canvas the views of others or even to bring people on the journey when a plan has already been decided on. Over the years, I have developed engaging and effective workshop facilitation tools that are a collaborative forum for collective decision making. We work together to a brief and a set of outcomes. And along the way, we also have fun.


Being at the top can be a lonely place. It can also be a scary place when the best way to propose a bold idea, or disrupt the way projects are being run, is not clear. I have experience working with a range of leaders in the creative and urban fields, guiding them through the benefits and risks of approaches, setting the context for success with their teams.


Solid research and insights are the foundation of any well-conceived strategy. Qualitative research has become a core pillar of my practice as a solid methodology to frame the context for an innovation or strategy piece. Research is at the heart of the briefing and scoping process and grounds decision-making.


Public speaking is a way to inspire and inject new ideas within a group or a community. As an emerging leader in the urban innovation field, I have been honoured to have been invited to speak at numerous conferences and business events over the past years. As a public speaker, I rely on an engaging delivery and fresh material that is customised for each appearance. Download my Speaker's Pack and contact me to discuss rates for your next event.


Part of the success of my practice is based on how well I define and tame my ideas. Writing is a key vehicle through which I share new modes of thinking with my professional community and beyond. I also write for industry publications and other media and would love to collaborate on your next thought leadership piece.