Project Details

Client: State Library of NSW
Dates: June 2012
Location: Sydney, Australia
Whilst working at: Arup

Libraries are rapidly changing in the face of new modes of engagement with information and knowledge. The State Library is , by virtue of the Libraries Act of NSW, an organisation designed in the 19th and 20th Century now trying to function with 21st Century systems and user expectations.

Working directly with Alex Byrne, the then newly appointed State Librarian, I led the development of a repositioning strategy that would see the State Library make strategic moves and investments to shift its perception of a repository for treasures to a public space for public media.

This piece of thought leadership was developed with all aspects of the organisation and fed into the State Library's business case for the redevelopment of the Mitchell Library. This project is a real example of how physical and built outcomes are steeped in an understanding and design of the non-visible aspects of an organisation: vision, drivers of change, behaviours and services.